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Legal Highs a vast jungle with unlimited range of products

Legal Highs and the range of products that come under them are in fact very vast. Undoubtedly it can be called as a jungle of legal highs with a very wide range and varieties of legal highs products. You can indeed use and possess these legal highs without the fear if getting penalized for the same. Leal highs include both natural legal highs and the synthetic varieties. A better idea is to opt for herbal incense from Express Highs.

Natural and synthetic Legal Highs

Natural Legal Highs are often referred to as herbal highs that are manufactured from the naturally grown plants and plant products. Many plants or plant products for instance the seeds of the Hawaiian baby Wood-rose are hallucinogenic in nature. Another example of natural legal highs fly agaric mushrooms which are also believed to be hallucinogenic in nature. Thus they are very much potent as illegal drugs. Herbal Highs are generally consumed as tea, chewed and sometimes smoked.

Synthetic varieties of Legal Highs are artificially made using chemicals and are designed in ways to give you similar effects of illegal drugs but with different molecular structures than that of the illegal drugs. Thus they escape the new legislation that bans drugs. They are also sold as products that are actually not meant for human consumption as bath salts, fresheners and plant food. Party pills, happy caps, etc are examples of such synthetic Legal Highs.

Popular range of Legal Highs

Ethno botanicals, legal incense, etc are the popular kinds of Legal Highs. As the name indicates, ethno botanicals are plant products. For example, Blue Lotus that is derived from a water lotus is a good mind body relaxing substance. For better results, the petals of this blue lotus are soaked in wine overnight before it is brewed as a tea or before being smoked. It can also be taken along with alcohol without any side effects. Fly agaric mushroom is an ethno botanical that is well known for its hallucinogenic properties.